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'Angel' Cast 20 Year Reunion

Angel was one of TV series that I follow in my youth, just like now I'm not really into TV series but as family with one TV at the time we watch what ever majority want to watch and I got hooked nonetheless. Unfortunately I don't remember much about it but had a really fond memory of it. So yeah at the end of the interview Cordelia said "we should do movie" and if they do do a movie and these people come back to reprise their roles I'm totally in.

For those who interested Angel new comic book was out in April and the second issue was out last week.

Pattison Batman

Me today,

let's play some game while listen to some stuff on youtube.

/me browsing YT for stuff and saw....

Make guttural sound "UGGGHHHHhhhhhhh" while start searching on google for something official that support this.

Yup, he's batman...

He only reminded me of Twilight and nothing else, mainly because I only watch him in twilight. I watched the first and second movie of the trilogy (was it? don't know too lazy to google) and it bored the shit out of me. I read the novel too, infact I read the novel first before I found out about the movie. Finished the first one but the second one I didn't get past first chapter because I got bored.

In case you're wondering if you hate it why watch it, it's because I honestly feel the first book to be fine (maybe my good romance book radar was off, romance not really genre I frequent outside manga). However, like I mentioned I can't get past book two so decided to just watch it instead maybe it'd be more barerable. Nope.

I really have nothing agaisnt Pattison personally, but the twilight thing really lingers on me especially back then there were people close to me who absolutely loved it. Basically when it was hot I kept being shoved with twilight stuff despite hating it. It's like if you don't like brocolli but people keep bothering you about eating brocolli and it goodness and whatnot it really really grating.

I think I'm gonna make it a mission to watch Pattison other films just to associate him with other stuff hopefully good ones. Heard he's in Nolan movie that's gonna come out in 2020, that's sounds promising on it's own already.

p/s: Joker movie trailer looks very promising Phoenix seems to be really good at playing Joker. Not a fan of bad guy surprise origin story that humanizes them but gonna watch it anyway. 


DMP Yuri Doujin Imprint Lilyka

I'm surprise DMP news still reached me.

Anyway, DMP despite barely exist as a publisher now trying their hand on dj. My immediate reaction when I found out about this was "the artists are so screwed someone should reached out to them". The entire imprint must have use the same modal as their previous projects which is "sales must reach certain amount to get paid". Yeah the DMP x Sakira english original manga has the same modal I can't find the twitter post but they tweeted that Sakira worked on projected profit as in she's not getting paid for the manga but get cut for the sales (They were boasting about this showing how passionate Sakira on their collaboration).

These doujin artists has no large organization (publisher) to back them up and the know how on the licensing/contracting works. This what worries me. If anybody remember Tokyopop and their OEL? It's not the same thing but similar.

*for those who don't know artist get paid per page for their work and also get cut from the manga sale, they also get cut from licensing of their work toys, anime, foreign license etc.


I'm currently wacthing Baki (already 3/4 through) and I wonder the reason I watched it is the intended feel of the series.

I've known the existence of tha manga thanks random click on MU long time ago, but never read it because of the art. It similar to Battle Royal. The art style is what my brother called (when we read Battle Royal) "everybody's ugly except for the ladies".

Anyway, from the anime it seems like a portion of the prelude is missing because Baki already won the championship. Since I never read the manga it either started that way or the anime just started in the middle of the series.

I watch the anime because of hillarious the setting, sure it's gory with people got beaten up to pulp and missing limbs and such but the whole thing is just funny to me. Despite how much the bones were broken it as if it never broke and people don't seems to die (well, the main characters. Canon fodder died plenty). Also it called Baki but we hardly seen him much less see him fighting. He's doing mundane things like going on dates and trying to get laid.

I guess what makes it funny is because the story is set in real world and real martial art but the characters are far from being real because of the above. The fight also mostly nonsensical and basically fight for reasons. There's a story arc that introduced in early episodes but it got nowhere.

If you're dead bored and have absolutely nothing to watch or just want something light to watch while you're doing something else, watch Baki.


Devil May Cry 5 (Ending)

Gosh darn it, freaking hell, what?!
*Insert Wilhelm scream*

[Spoiler (click to open)]For those that played DMC5, Nero is indeed Vergil son.

That's the end of my 11 years denial. Ever since DMC4 came out back in 2008 there has been speculation that Nero is Vergil son because (1) How he reacted to Yamato (2) If his isn't Dante there can only be one other person. I however was in denial because I'm 50/50 love/hate Nero despite he played very well with Dante and his Devil Bringer is admitedly very cool. I guess I just didn't like his cockyness in DMC4 and I just want Yamato to be with Vergil not him.

Honestly though I'm pretty satisfy with this revelation (maybe because in DMC5 there other things more concerning to me like how Nero, Trish and Lady doesn't look a smidge like their old character design. It just very jarring to say the least).

Given TV Anime.

Given by Kizu Natsuki is getting an anime. It was all over my twitter feed.

I went to twitter to check out info on 5nin no ou vol.4 that is going to come out later this month but was bombarded with different info lol.

From the first look of the animation and character design, the first thought that went through my mind is it's HQ! Tell me if I'm wrong?!

As for the CG and I'm not liking it already. Recent anime uses this type of 3D and CG, something to me that come out straight from Nyan Cat oriffice and it looks ugly in my eyes. For TV anime it better to keep it traditional but I guess it'll take more time to produce.

p/s: I'm still bitter with Given chapter 20.

Banana Fish - Interview with Ryo Yoshizawa

For those who interested.

He's not related to the anime in any way (I googled) but is heavily features in the anime adaption promotion.

He played Kamen Rider Meteor in Kamen Rider Fourze and Okita in Gintama LA.

I haven't watch the anime yet (I'll marathon it once it ended) but I have skipped through some episodes just to see how's the anime adaptation. The animation itself is beautiful and smooth, I love it. However they took liberty in the time setting as it set in modern day with smart phone and stuff. I don't know how I feel about this as to me modernized it also lower the stake of the plot. Since the period (time setting) in the series is interwine with the plot unlike Devilman so I have my reservation.



On unrelated note, Gintama LA 2 is now screening in my country.
I have seen fair share of bad work from publisher but recently I encountered the worst one I've seen so far (in my life of reading officially published manga).

Let's start with the good (which is not very good)


Whoever worked on this clearly has no spatial sense. The generic one font size fit all and if it isn't just squish and break the word to force fit kinda thing. It's not good but one could survive without pulling all the hair off one scalp when reading entire book of this.

The next one is the random translation


That one SFX is the only one translated in the entire book. This book has tonnes of SFX being an action-ish story but that one SFX in the image is the only important one that needed translation apparently. Again this is minor offense, I particularly don't mind because sometime for action when the JP SFX isn't remove the page get overly crowded with ENG SFX paste on top.

Now, onto the bad. You need to brace yourself for this...
Read more...Collapse )

Bleach Live-Action Movie

Not bad, in fact I can honestly say that I do like it.

They skimmed through a lot but I'm fine with it. I rather they pick and choose the plot rather than cramp everything in a movie.

Ichigo's friends remain in the background as the story focuses solely on Ichigo and Rukia. I however would like it more if they flesh out more background on Hollow. In this movie the big bad guy is the Grand Fisher but honestly it just a throw away villain, the real villains are Brayuka and Renji. I also think they spend a little too much on training montage as the training scenes were really long.

The character that i really don't like in this movie is Renji, I'm surprised too I really thought I would hate Byakuya with his shaved head and dreadlocks not to mention Byakuya was suppose to be the cool and chill guy but LA version of Byakuya has a lot of repressed anger (at least that's the vibe I'm getting) but I'm pretty fine with him. Back to Renji, I can't pin point what's wrong with him but I feel like the character just doesn't work.

The final scene took place in the heart of the city presumably to include his friends which I think is clever because this is when we found out that Orihime and Chad have decent spiritual energy to sense Ichigo in shinigami form and to let Ishida join in the fight. After Grand Fisher is defeated the fight scene with Renji and Byakuya is a little underwhelming in term of the action for me considering I quite like the sword fighting between Ichigo and Rukia in the training montage.

All in all, in my list of LA movie I rank this better than FMA but not as good as Gantz (the first movie, I like that movie a lot but apparently many people don't like it).