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Bleach Live-Action Movie Casts


doesn't look like Rukia at all...

Byakuya, Ishida & Renji (No official photo yet)

Only Ishida looks like the manga (well he has generic megane look so it's easier).

Renji is OK too I guess hard to judge from that angle because all I can see is his pony tail.

Byakuya has dreadlock/braid so he is a FAIL! Byakuya has hair acessory and the flown by wind hair do probably not the easiest hair to do in real life but to choose dreadlock is kinda extreme.
The guy who plays Byakuya is Miyavi, I have no idea who he is but from comments I read from international fans he's pretty big and many says they would watch the movie just for him.

Full metal alchemist Live-Action.

Serviceable, I guess...

After done watching my only thought was who were that target audience because as a fan it's not enjoyable at all but when I put myself in non-fan or first time audience shoes I feel like the plot is non-nonsensical and incomprehensible.

Details contain spoiler.

First of all they use the 2003 anime character as the main villain, General Hakuro. I have no recollection of General Hakuro and had to google him because apparently he was a very minor character in the manga. One could argue that the Homunculi were the villain but they didn't do anything really. They killed Hughes and Marco who was said to discover the truth but they never explained what the truth was or their motivation of doing so. It was imply in the movie that Hughes found out about the giant transmutation circles that spanned across the cities but that also neither explained or shown (they did show that he drew hexagon shaped lines on the map though so for fan you'd know that the transmutation circle).

They didn't explore the character relationship well. It kinda weird when Roy yapping on revenge for Hughes (I don't think they ever even in the same scene together) or Ed casually said to Roy please become Fuhrer. Heck they don't even explore Ed and Al relationship well.

Bad GC, props and costume. I hate the fact they use generic "sand whirl"  effect for when the characters transmute something. The creatures CG was bad and very obviously CG that made you wonder what year was it made and how much the budget of the movie went into the CG. Do you want to play a game of spot the wig or hair maskara? Watch this movie to play that game on easy mode. Also worth mention bad acting especially Winry. In the movie she had only two mode very excited and very sad.

Overall very bad execution, and the entire movie feel like a "best of" compilation without any context. There were many snippet of important story point like the chimera, Hughes death, Al seeing the Truth and philosopher stone origin that were poorly sewn together or explain to make a comprehensive plot.

The only saving grace for this LA is it's on netflix, I think I would be even more bitter about the whole thing if I paid for movie ticket.

Crow's Blood

Haven't pick up new series in a while but decided to watch this mini-series horror drama.

It's has 6 episodes of 37min/episode.

Summary from wikipedia
As science is growing every close to the taboo field of regenerative medicine, a mysterious new student named Maki Togawa begins attending the International Dolly Girls' College (国際ドリー女学園 Kokusai Dorī Onna Gakuen). Soon after, a series of strange and horrific events occur in and around the school as a student named Kaoru Isozaki finds herself learning that Maki was initially killed in a hit and run until she was revived by her father Dr. Akihito Seto with an experimental procedure developed by an American scientist. But Seto learned too late of the side effects on Maki's cellular tissue, turning her into the patient zero of a new virus administered via kiss which renders females able to regenerate indefinitely with some side effects.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I watch it blind as in I don't bother to read the synopsis or look at the rating just the promo pic (as above). Because of that I was taken off guard when it feature some gory imagery like human being ran over by car which then flaten by a truck on the first episode.

Apart from generic gore stuff like excessive amount of blood, decapitation, dismemberment it also contain girl kissing girl, underage girl kissing a women, implied underage girl kissing a man (I guess it's ok to show adult women kissing underage girl but not man, double standard I presume) and many of AKB48 members which I found out belatedly when I google the casts.

All in all this series has a generic zombie type plot which is weird. It was shown in the beginning that the infected retained their individuality albeit more aggresive but as the series progresses they became minions of patient zero without explaination and despite some of the infected hated patient zero. You also have to suspend your disbelief watching this because all the character does, they brushed off a legitimately concerning issue which in real world would be #1 trending in twitter.

As the series progresses the plot became funnier (for me at least), I guess the writer couldn't figure out a better way to kill off the infected as the infected are immortal. They make the infected can be killed be administer formaldehyde in their system by syringe.  Imagine carrying around a bunch of uncapped syringe fighting zombie infected it just hilarious. Worst when the heroine started throwing the syringe from a high place and the syringe accurately puntured and presses itself into the infected.

Also "Kiss" is not an accurate word a "peck" would be the suitable word to use.

Overall recomended watch for unintentional funny moment.


Happy (belated) New Year!

My resolution this year is to get rid of boxes immediately.

Boxes come with my online purchases I usually keep (the one still good) and nest them Russian doll style thinking maybe I'll need them someday. When it becomes too many, I'll throw the old boxes out. Basically there always empty boxes in my room. I had an epiphany (lol) and now find this ridiculous since I don't really need them.

So this year no more, straight away to recycle bin.

p/s: Early last year (or last 2 years, can't remember) I threw out so many boxes the garbage men posed in front of my mountain of boxes before picking them up.

Gantz: 0

The story makes very little sense to me as someone who only read the manga a little bit long time ago. It started OK but it gets annoying towards the middle because of the characters. A single mother (adult) who subtlety manipulated/insisted 18 boy to live with her and the 18 years old boy who charged head on without plan to save people despite adamant about not wanting to die because he has little brother at home who depended on him.

The gore in the movie is toned down a lot compared to what little I remember of the manga which I'm very grateful about. I'm not fan of gore but I apparently have affinity to gory stuff.

I don't recomend watching this movie for average person even if you like gore. However, Gantz fan would probably enjoy it more since I feel that you need background knowledge of Gantz to understand this movie.
I'm just gonna leave this link here for future reference, to see how much is this going to come true.


I honestly hate lootboxes, microtransaction, DLC and similar.

I like to pay for a full game and as for mobile game i'm F2P and game that excessively require money to "get ahead" I will abandon it. This is because online currency has no value in real life and DLC is a download additonal which I have no tangible item to hold on like the actual game disk and this makes me very uncomfortable (and cannot resell lol). Sure, people would say you buy games from Steam those are intangible too but Steam game are PC and as long as I have PC I can play it but that's not true for consol games like PS and Xbox game. Also, I only buy games from stream when there's sale where you can purchase games at very discounted price.

I love to see game publishers move away from this heavy reliance microtransaction, it becoming very toxic now.
This is similiar to what Japan has been doing with store limited goodies but in much larger scale.

Mob Psycho 1000 Live Action

Nexflix has been funding a lot of obsure properties.

I don't have any idea who are these actor/ess but Mob looks really old here.

Gintama Live Action Gets a Sequel

Source here.

I have yet to read or watch any reviews on the movie, I dunno if any exist to be honest but it must have been good or at least serviceable for the fans to warrant a sequel.

On another news, FMA live action has high chances to be screening here since they've announced that it'll be screening in 190 countries. So far it's too early to tell. If it does though maybe I can make it family movie time again since my siblings and I enjoy FMA unlike Gintama (i'm alone in this *sob).

At the mean time Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 1 will screen this week, not sure if I'm gonna watch this yet because this is the first part of a trilogy so it probably ends in a suspend (not a fan of cliffhanger especially those with no expected date to subsequent parts). It also probably better if I do a marathon first before deciding.

P/s: Yes, I know and well aware I'm part of the problem of this live action adaptation. I'm moan and complain yet I go watch it. To be fair though I pick my poison I'll consider to watch those that has potential in my eyes, those that clearly rubbish I won't even bother watching even for free (well sometimes I got nothing to do and nothing to watch and it's on TV I might watch once if it truly garbage like DB Evolution, Street Fighter. Warning don't watch those you might want to reverse back time if you do). Does this make me a hypocrite?

Justice League Movie

The reviews are out!

Honestly, I'm super hype for this movie although realistically I'm totally prepared to be utterly crushed and devastated by it. This is because DC live action films has been disappointing so far with my fav out of 5 (in the current DCEU let's not count Green Lantern 2011) is Man of Steel. My least fav is suicide squad because my god that movie is so choppy worst than BvS. The reviews so far and word of mouth (or fingertips in this digital age) has been moderately entertaining.

I love the casts of DCEU so far (probably not so much Jared Leto & Jessie Eisenberg) and I think the one thing that make the movies watchable for me are the casts and their dynamic If this movie doesn't do so well I'm afraid WB will just cut the losses and reboot the entire universe which also means new casts all around. So I'm happy to know that the this movie is acceptably good.

I'm gonna watch Justice League tomorrow we get early screening.

p/s: DC animated movies (The New52 especially) has gone down hill (a steep down hill) I don't even bother to watch it anymore. Yes, it's that bad so I hope this DC live action franchise is salvageable.

P/s/s: I hope The Rock will not be joining DCEU. There are so many rumours, speculation, teases about him play Black Adam but so far no official announcement about it. I guess it won't be long now because the cast Shazam (Captain Marvel) was recently announced 2 weeks ago and Billy Batson last week. I have nothing against The Rock as individual but acting wise he plays superhero in non-superhero movies (have you watch Fast and Furious with him in it's insane) and that takes me out of the movie experience.

BLAME! movie - netflix

Watch nexflix's BLAME! today and it's good.

Once I got over the animation style I was able to properly enjoy the movie (still don't fancy that type of animation style though).

This movie has tonnes of human drama which I'm honestly quiet fine with because Killy gets to be himself. I do however would like to see more establishing shot just to emphasis the sheer size and complexity of the entire structure. They did establish the size/setting by exposition in the dialogue like "6000 floor below" or "It's going to take 3 days to reach the facility" etc but I feel like it's a cheat because the manga is an architecture eye candy.

The second movie already been greenlit so I'm looking forward to that.

P/s: It feel kinda jarring to see recent Nihei style (cute, big eyes characters) in BLAME!

Figurine set included in BLAME! Bluray Deluxe Edition. The craftmenship pretty bad, Taho Industry definitely didn't make these LOL.