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Joker 2019

Watched Joker film, managed to get the slot I wanted despite buying ticket 5 min after the movie screening started (but the commercial padding saved me)

The Joker suit is really nice, the color scheme works wonderfully.

Anyway, I had high hope for this cuz the trailer looks good and the movie honestly good but I don't like it.

reasons...Collapse )


Supernatural Season 15!

Tomorrow 10/10/2019 will be the start of Supernatural season 15 which is the last season of the series.

Season 15 poster

The main cast Jensen, Jared and Misha has made a video back then (yeah, I follow them on facebook) announcing to the fans that season 15 is going to be the last season and it was by their own choice. They wanted  the series to finish off strong not sizzle away.

I spend better part of my life with this series, the only TV series that I stick around with and that is saying something considering I'm not into series much less long running series. I have very very mixed feeling about the whole thing, I wanted it to end because admittedly the story kinda going everwhere now but at the same time I just cannot let go of the Winchester brothers.

In one article I read about Supernatural the long lasting of this show is made possible by the excellent casting and I am absolutely agree. I love the chemistry between Jared and Jensen and they are the reason I stick around because even when the plot is not to my liking I love their interaction and they can truly pass as real brothers (although they don't look alike). I remember telling myself back in the day if one of them gone (leave the show for whatever reason) I'm not gonna continue watching it anymore and guessed what both of them stick around and so do I. Also, Jensen and Jared was given the honour to decide to keep the show going basically Supernatural has come to a point where it has strong enough base that if they want to keep on going they can.

Season 1 Winchester bros, so young.

Another thing about the show I like it it playfullness, I mean have you watched the Scooby Doo episode? What about the Western episode or the breaking meta episode or the thousand time Dean died. In the later seasons the past 5 or 6 I have enjoyed the one off non-core-plot heavy episode. Like I said the plot has been everywhere but these one off episode really made my day. It has been truly enjoyable ride despite the ups and down. The favourite season would still be the ones during Kripke as showrunner.

From various sources it seems like they preparring a lot for this final season including the come back of the lost long half Winchester bro whom had fallen off the map in Supernatural world since his death. The season also fairly short with only 20 episode just like the previous (the shortest season was during the writer strike back in 2008) when usually it 22 to 23 episodes. I don't think there will be any others series for me like Supernatural in my life time anymore.

Another main character in Supernatural Baby. Wonderful muscle car.

I thank my sister who introduced me to Supernatural, I was not into supernatural story (ghost stuff) still don't now but Supernatural is the exception. I also kinda love and hate her for this, look what she made me become, a sappy Supernatural fan. I followed this series since the first season that was 14 years ago and known only one other person in RL that like it as much as I do and managed to convert one other person into a fan. Supernatural has fantastic fan community I enjoy all the meme and fan stuff/share especially videos of Supernatural panels in cons (there won't be Supernatural panel at SDCC anymore next year). The cast and staff made the show great and the fan made it welcoming. I'm happy I was apart of the ride.

I think I'm going to cry emotinal tears everytime I listen to Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. (Gosh, I'm gonna miss them so much.)

p/s: Complete DVD boxset I'm ready! Should I go for Bluray though but that gonna be pricey. Dunno we'll see when it's out.

Fighting over stocks

J.Garden has come and gone. Now and few days to come will be the battle of stock.

I have my eyes on two original djs by Ichikawa kei and rocky. I have interest on some others too but these two are my main priorites.

Ichikawa sensei is self-aware, she knows her work is in demand has been catering and responding very well to fans demand for her book. I'm thankful for that and she printed a lot of supply for her book and has no problem now putting in reservation or just buy without reservation. Sometime ago she was not in tune yet, I missed one of her dj for the Blue Sky series and it was never back reprinted. There are way too many events in Japan and I don't always check twitter the next thing I know she published book #4 and I was like what happen to #3.

Rocky sensei however not so much, getting a hand on her work is excrutiatingly difficult. Back then she used Alice book (That was how I introduced to her stuff) and I set reminder of any new work listed so it was bearable. I even accidently bought 2 of the same book on two different orders because something wrong with the notification system that one time. I was acting on impulse because I know if I missed the reservation the book will not be restock. She is no longer using Alice book and I haven't been able to get any of her dj since... Sometimes I was just late a couple of hours of her tweet the reservation open and it already out of stock and never be back in stock.

These are just two example there are many others artists too and Comiket especially is war period to place in reservation/order.

Wish me luck on placing my orders!

Invader Zim Enter the Florpus

I love Invader Zim, watched it on TV way back when.

When I saw a new movie of it came out I'm absolutely estatic.

The whole setting of it is dirty and I usually don't like gross cartoon but Invader Zim is special case for me for reason I don't even know myself.

Totally recomended, watch it!

'Angel' Cast 20 Year Reunion

Angel was one of TV series that I follow in my youth, just like now I'm not really into TV series but as family with one TV at the time we watch what ever majority want to watch and I got hooked nonetheless. Unfortunately I don't remember much about it but had a really fond memory of it. So yeah at the end of the interview Cordelia said "we should do movie" and if they do do a movie and these people come back to reprise their roles I'm totally in.

For those who interested Angel new comic book was out in April and the second issue was out last week.

Pattison Batman

Me today,

let's play some game while listen to some stuff on youtube.

/me browsing YT for stuff and saw....

Make guttural sound "UGGGHHHHhhhhhhh" while start searching on google for something official that support this.

Yup, he's batman...

He only reminded me of Twilight and nothing else, mainly because I only watch him in twilight. I watched the first and second movie of the trilogy (was it? don't know too lazy to google) and it bored the shit out of me. I read the novel too, infact I read the novel first before I found out about the movie. Finished the first one but the second one I didn't get past first chapter because I got bored.

In case you're wondering if you hate it why watch it, it's because I honestly feel the first book to be fine (maybe my good romance book radar was off, romance not really genre I frequent outside manga). However, like I mentioned I can't get past book two so decided to just watch it instead maybe it'd be more barerable. Nope.

I really have nothing agaisnt Pattison personally, but the twilight thing really lingers on me especially back then there were people close to me who absolutely loved it. Basically when it was hot I kept being shoved with twilight stuff despite hating it. It's like if you don't like brocolli but people keep bothering you about eating brocolli and it goodness and whatnot it really really grating.

I think I'm gonna make it a mission to watch Pattison other films just to associate him with other stuff hopefully good ones. Heard he's in Nolan movie that's gonna come out in 2020, that's sounds promising on it's own already.

p/s: Joker movie trailer looks very promising Phoenix seems to be really good at playing Joker. Not a fan of bad guy surprise origin story that humanizes them but gonna watch it anyway. 


DMP Yuri Doujin Imprint Lilyka

I'm surprise DMP news still reached me.

Anyway, DMP despite barely exist as a publisher now trying their hand on dj. My immediate reaction when I found out about this was "the artists are so screwed someone should reached out to them". The entire imprint must have use the same modal as their previous projects which is "sales must reach certain amount to get paid". Yeah the DMP x Sakira english original manga has the same modal I can't find the twitter post but they tweeted that Sakira worked on projected profit as in she's not getting paid for the manga but get cut for the sales (They were boasting about this showing how passionate Sakira on their collaboration).

These doujin artists has no large organization (publisher) to back them up and the know how on the licensing/contracting works. This what worries me. If anybody remember Tokyopop and their OEL? It's not the same thing but similar.

*for those who don't know artist get paid per page for their work and also get cut from the manga sale, they also get cut from licensing of their work toys, anime, foreign license etc.


I'm currently wacthing Baki (already 3/4 through) and I wonder the reason I watched it is the intended feel of the series.

I've known the existence of tha manga thanks random click on MU long time ago, but never read it because of the art. It similar to Battle Royal. The art style is what my brother called (when we read Battle Royal) "everybody's ugly except for the ladies".

Anyway, from the anime it seems like a portion of the prelude is missing because Baki already won the championship. Since I never read the manga it either started that way or the anime just started in the middle of the series.

I watch the anime because of hillarious the setting, sure it's gory with people got beaten up to pulp and missing limbs and such but the whole thing is just funny to me. Despite how much the bones were broken it as if it never broke and people don't seems to die (well, the main characters. Canon fodder died plenty). Also it called Baki but we hardly seen him much less see him fighting. He's doing mundane things like going on dates and trying to get laid.

I guess what makes it funny is because the story is set in real world and real martial art but the characters are far from being real because of the above. The fight also mostly nonsensical and basically fight for reasons. There's a story arc that introduced in early episodes but it got nowhere.

If you're dead bored and have absolutely nothing to watch or just want something light to watch while you're doing something else, watch Baki.


Devil May Cry 5 (Ending)

Gosh darn it, freaking hell, what?!
*Insert Wilhelm scream*

[Spoiler (click to open)]For those that played DMC5, Nero is indeed Vergil son.

That's the end of my 11 years denial. Ever since DMC4 came out back in 2008 there has been speculation that Nero is Vergil son because (1) How he reacted to Yamato (2) If his isn't Dante there can only be one other person. I however was in denial because I'm 50/50 love/hate Nero despite he played very well with Dante and his Devil Bringer is admitedly very cool. I guess I just didn't like his cockyness in DMC4 and I just want Yamato to be with Vergil not him.

Honestly though I'm pretty satisfy with this revelation (maybe because in DMC5 there other things more concerning to me like how Nero, Trish and Lady doesn't look a smidge like their old character design. It just very jarring to say the least).